Our Philosophy

We believe that not everything is zeros and ones, we value customer closeness and we trust in our people.

Excellent working environmentWe believe

We believe that an excellent working environment helps people feel comfortable doing what they like to do and it becomes efficient, achieving objectives and customer satisfaction.

The agility passionate usWe believe

We are agile and we like that. We use Scrum and eXtreme Programming for our projects and so far is the most efficient way of doing software development projects.

More results, less paperworkWe believe

We are a results-oriented team. We comply with the formalities required by our customers but more than that we deliver value in the shortest possible time.

Working Software in a short timeWe believe

By using agile methodologies, we can deliver software running in the shortest possible time and this is our most faithful show of progress.

We involve the customer in the processWe believe

The software is a product made by people and for the people, for this reason we try to be as close as possible to our customers and make them part of the solution and thus ensure that we meet their expectations.


1Custom Software Development

2Web Applications

3Web Services

4Mobile Apps (IOS, Android)

5Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

6.NET / JavaScript

7AWS based solutions

8Outsourcing (Developers)

Our team

Automated TestingWe believe

We perform automatic tests to save time and money and also ensure that we can make changes to the software without introducing any errors.

Continuous IntegrationWe believe

Continuous integration allows us to perform automatic tests faster, compile the code and publish it while coding on our computers, increase the speed of the team.

Code OwnershipWe believe

When the technical team knows the code and is empowered, it is concerned with keeping it clean, readable and optimal.

eXtreme Programming PracticesWe believe

The practices of XP allows us to distribute knowledge with pair programming, to maintain a legible code and in constant optimization using the refactorization.

ScrumWe believe

We are agile, we like to be agile, we breathe agility and Scrum is the methodology we have adopted and that really works for us.

Amazon Web ServicesWe believe

We use AWS for our projects in the cloud, microservices, EC2 for scalability and all the services our projects require, this makes us faster.

.NETWe believe

We specialize in .NET technology and Microsoft tools. We like JavaScript and do interesting things for the Web with Html5 and Css.

OOPWe believe

We believe that good software is the sum of its functionalities and its internal architecture, that’s why we work with software engineering practices focused on Object Oriented Programming.

Developing software,
providing solutions to our customers and having a great time doing what we like

since 2007

Our processes

We believe

We use Scrum and eXtreme Programming for our internal Processes and we have an Application Lifecycle Management process adapted to our needs. We have the DevOps Silver Competency of Microsoft and our people are CSM, CSD, and CSPO certified.

For the interaction with the customer we use the Project Management Institute best practices. Our project managers are Project Management Professional of the PMI and some of then have others credentials like PMI-SP and PMI-ACP.

Our people

If you want to know what kind of earthlings will be working with your software, here is the most strange people with specials skills to make the things possible.
William Werner
William Werner
Software Development Director
Luis Jose Javier
Luis Jose Javier
Team Leader
Amauris Peralta
Amauris Peralta
Team Leader
Pablo Torres
Pablo Torres
Project Manager
Pablo Lorenzo
Pablo Lorenzo
Account Manager
Greisy Jimenez
Greisy Jimenez
Administrative Director

Success cases

Our partners

We have strategic partners that allow us to focus in our specialty (software development) without neglecting the integrated solutions that our customers needs :



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